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Autoship Loyalty Reward Program 

Autoship Loyalty Reward Program

Autoship is a convenient way to have your favorite Balanced Boutique products coming to your doorstep each and every month without having to place a manual order. This is the smartest way to shop and ensure that you are never running low on our products.

For setting up your Autoship, Balanced Boutique will reward you with our Loyalty Rewards Program. Each month, you will receive up to 30% back in loyalty reward dollars which can be redeemed on Balanced Boutique products.

For your continued loyalty to us, we will accumulate these loyalty reward dollars in your account. The longer you are on Autoship, the more you can earn in loyalty reward dollars!

  • Months 1-3

  • 10% in Loyalty Dollars

  • Months 4-6

  • 12% in Loyalty Dollars

  • Months 7-9

  • 15% in Loyalty Dollars

  • Months 10-12

  • 20% in Loyalty Dollars

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Additional Details:

  • Must be on Autoship for 90 days consecutively to activate the use of your Loyalty Reward Dollars.

  • Your Loyalty Reward Dollars will accumulate immediately after your Autoship orders process.

  • If you miss an Autoship, when you resume your Autoship you will start at the first tier.

  • Loyalty Reward Dollars are paid out on autoship orders only and does not apply to one-time or credit wallet purchases.

  • All Loyalty Reward Dollars will expire due to account inactivity or cancellation after 6 months.

  • Loyalty dollars must be used on your account and cannot be transferred.

  • You have 12 months from the date of issue to use your Loyalty Reward Dollars.

  • Loyalty Reward Dollars can be used to purchase full priced products only and does not apply to sales, discounts, or promotional products.

  • There are no refunds or exchanges on Loyalty Reward Dollar redemption's.

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