Here to help you meet your Massage needs with optional Add On of Hemp based CBD Topical Products.  A truely unforgettable experience of relief and relaxation.   A perfect pairing to your health and beauty routine. 


The hottest buzz in the spa world are Hemp infused CBD products and massages. Massage creams and oils infused with CBD, are inherently therapeutic for the mind and the body.


What role does CBD play in the massage?

The anti-inflammatory and pain relieving agents of CBD reduce inflammation within muscles and joints., CBD also has the reputation for accelerating the recovery and healing process of injured connective tissue.

How CBD works?

The CBD receptors (known as CB2) are part of the Endocannabinoid system, which helps the homeostatic functions within the central nervous system. This includes maintenance of bodily functions, pain, inflammation, and the immune system.

Services Offered

Relaxed + Balance $70 +$10 CBD Infused


With the natural healing properties of hemp derived CBD products, deeper relaxation, significant muscle tension relief and restorative body re balancing is part of every single session. Includes CBD Pulse point relief, CBD infused session oil and take home patch.

Relief + Recovery $70 + $10 CBD Infused


Indulgent and luxurious! If you’re seeking relief from tight muscles, injuries, or just extra stress, take your massage to the next level with a deeply moisturizing, CBD-enhanced treatment. As the CBD oils penetrate your skin, a feeling of relaxation and restoring equilibrium will be achieved. Includes CBD Anti-aging face massage, CBD infused session oil, take home soak.